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Temple Dwajasthambam

Kodimaram - Dwajasthambam- for Temple 32 Feet

Approx. Rs 3.1 Lakh / Piece

We Are Known For Making Temple Dwajasthamabam . The Image You Are Seeing Is A 32 Feet Copper Dwajasthmabam Fully Completed By Us For Hyderabad Temple.
• We can completely undertake the dwajasthambam work
• Wood can be arranged
• Carpentry work as per agama sastra
• Adhara peetam in stone
• Copper/brass/gold plated /silver kavacham as eper your requirement.
• Can be made and can fix it i any location with our person any where in the globe.
• Timely delivery, dependable excection, top quality is an integral part of our service.

Additional Information:

Lord Vishnu Wooden Statue

Lord Vishnu Wooden Statue

Approx. Rs 19,000 / Piece

Lord Vishnu 2 feet wooden statue
• Brilliant colourful statue long lasting
• best quality wood equal to teak
• sturdy construction
• made from single solid wood
• can be shipped immediately

Wooden Dwajasthambam

Wooden Dwajasthambam
  • Wooden Dwajasthambam
  • Wooden Dwajasthambam
  • Wooden Dwajasthambam

Approx. Rs 9.25 Lakh / Piece

Temple Dwajasthambam making is an exceptional and intricate jobs. We are known for providing the best suitable Dwajasthmbam to any temple in the Globe. All we need is the height from earth and how much feet will go inside the earth and the god/goddess to whom the Dwajasthambam is done.

• Divine wood
• carpentry work as per agama sastra with flags
 • Brass/copper/gold Plated Kavacham .
• Quick delivery possible.
• stone adhara Peetam can be done

Additional Information:

Temple Dwajasthambam for Temple

Approx. Rs 10 Lakh / Piece

We provide Dwajasthambam for Temple in Vengai wood - divine wood approved for temple purpose. We can provide:
• Dwajasthambam wood
• carpentry work as per agama sastra
• applying special oil for protecting the wood from insects
• covering the bottom portion going underneath with special alloy to protect the wood
• brass copper kavacham
• stone adhara peetam Complete work will be undertaken in a defined time frame with perfection . Assured Long life for decades

Additional Information:

Golden Dwajasthambam

Golden  Dwajasthambam
  • Golden  Dwajasthambam
  • Golden  Dwajasthambam

Approx. Rs 32 Lakh / Piece

24 Karat pure gold plated temple dwajasthamabam made in cpure ICC copper glitter and shine will remain for 20 + years.
Gold is a divine metal and with lesser gold perfect gold coating is possible.
Cost effective
stupendous glitter
long life

Additional Information:

Dwajasthambam For Temple

Temple Dwajasthambam  is  very important to the temple as it should be strong enough to withstand for generations.Hence the wood log used , kavacham making is a very important intricate work.
Copper/Brass Kavacham hasto be made to ensure no water is going inside and kavacham should be made insuch a way.

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